Things that inspire my art and my life

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Sometimes artists are quite DESPERATE for inspiration. That’s a fact. And what can come as a surprise that things that used to inspire you, well, don’t. The longer you live uninspired the more you fear that it’s going to become a “creative dry spell”. You need to get out of that state of the soul. Right now.

I believe that ALL PEOPLE SHOULD BE INSPIRED, not only artists. What gets you out of bed every day? What makes you cook a fancy delicious dinner instead of spaghetti with canned sauce? What makes you decorate your house? Inspiration! motivation! enthusiasm! Yeah, I need some of that right now!

So here is my always changing list of things that inspire:

1. Reading what inspires other people. When someone writes about inspiration, they do it IN THAT STATE. You feel it. You sense it. Exactly that feeling gets me inspired as well.

2. Art of TOTALLY DIFFERENT kind other then what I do. I don’t think about how they did it, what they used, how can I learn this technique. it’s just pure WOW, I LOVE IT. Period. No planning, researching, thinking – just emotion that gets you going.

3. Touching paper in an art store. Ok, that’s a little weird, but it works. For me. I also touch a lot of other things in art stores, in fact, almost everything. hm, I hope it’s ok.

4. Meeting two of my super cool friends – Kate and Lesley. Other friends “work” too, but these two gals… Well, they took me out of a year long “creative dry spell” once and they didn’t know that they did it, we were just having lunch or something.

I can continue this forever – this is not my point here. Why don’t we think what inspires us and bring more of it into our lives? It’s not a rhetorical question, I mean, let’s think about it right now. How great would it be if our lives were FILLED WITH ENTHUSIASM all the time?! We wouldn’t need to make ourselves do stuff. Instead we would always be ON FIRE creating, achieving, LIVING!

This inspired me today:

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