Still life painting is time for me to play with composition. It’s a great mind riddle to set up a still life. What works together and what does not, shapes and colours, lights and shadows – all have to be considered when thinking out a composition from scratch. Unlike landscape where something is given and you work with that, still life painting is a blank field of opportunity. I use it mostly to explore colour and shapes at this time. Vibrations they create, the way they interact and influence each other. All that carefully considered has to be pleasing for the eye.

I like to change gears when I work, so sometimes it’s a quick daily exercise and sometimes it’s a well planned and carefully executed over a few sessions painting. Either way, it is always great fun to play with shapes and colour in a still life painting.

Featured still life painting

Still life watermelon, original painting on canvas
Slices, 12×12 inch, oil on canvas, 2019

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Nadia Gurkova is a talented full-time artist from Toronto. She lives and works in East York.

“I was drawn towards art as long as I can remember, but started perusing that passion after earning my Bachelor of Public Relations. Since then, I have attended several art schools, including: Academy of Art Canada (Toronto), Adult Art Program at Central Technical School (Toronto), Nik Balushev Art Studio (Russia). To this day, I continue to improve my skills by taking private workshops, online classes, and experimenting in my Toronto based studio” – says Gurkova.