I live in my landscape painting and in landscapes in general. Ask my husband. When we are taking a walk I often stop and stare at the sky or leaves or whatever else we are passing by. He pulls my hand because he is bored, but I’m never bored looking at nature.

I find that most simple things can make me feel the magnificence of Nature in an instant. Have you ever had a moment, when you lie back on your picnic blanket and look up at the sky through the leaves and it takes you and disconnects you from the hustle and bustle of life and that sky just floats and those leaves just tremble in the wind and a feeling comes that everything is going to be ok? You can breath out and calm down. Landscape has that effect on me. Every twig, every stream contains within Nature’s grandeur, its glorious power over men and that is what I try to unravel in my landscape painting, one scene at a time.

Featured landscape painting

Original oil painting on canvas, landscape
Pines, 18×24 inch, oil on canvas, 2019

This is one of my new and most beautiful landscapes to date. There is a 3 minute video, capturing the process of this piece being created on my Facebook page

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Nadia Gurkova is a talented full-time artist from Toronto. She lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“I have always  been drawn to art, but my family believed that artist is not a proper profession and I didn’t even dream of becoming one. Finally in 2006 I mastered up some courage and singed up for an adult oil painting class. This changed my life…” read more…