In my flower painting series I admire the fleeting beauty of a flower. I work to highlighting this beauty though enhancing colour and composition, while emphasizing its gentle nature through soft lines and translucent colour gradients.

I was born and raised in Siberia, the coldest part of Russia where snow is on the ground 9 month a year. Flowers bloom in Siberia for a week or two, but only the hardiest ones. You will never see a rose or a peony in a Siberian garden. During summer vacation we used to go south and when I saw huge beds of divinely fragrant roses, I was absolutely taken by their beauty and especially their fragrance. Those flowers seem to belong in a world of fairies and dragons, in a land full of magic. Flowers evoke this sense of magic in me ever since. When I inhale a fragrance of a peony of a lilac I travel to a beautiful land of childhood and everlasting summer. This particular sense I try to capture in my floral paintings. I’m not after realism or biological accuracy, but only after that magical power of the flower, it’s soul on the first day of bloom.

Featured flower painting

pink flower oil painting original
Tree peony, 22×28 inch, 2019, oil on canvas

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Commission flower paintings are now available. They can be painted from a photo or, if you live in Toronto, I can come to your garden and paint! That is a wonderful way to experience and witness art!  And, of course, follow me on Facebook!

Nadia Gurkova is a talented full-time artist from Toronto. She lives and works in East York.

“I was drawn towards art as long as I can remember, but started perusing that passion after earning my Bachelor of Public Relations. Since then, I have attended several art schools, including: Academy of Art Canada (Toronto), Adult Art Program at Central Technical School (Toronto), Nik Balushev Art Studio (Russia). To this day, I continue to improve my skills by taking private workshops, online classes, and experimenting in my Toronto based studio” – says Gurkova.