Animal painting has been a part for my art journey since its very beginning. Wild life has been a source of awe and inspiration for me since childhood. I love wild life documentaries and can watch them for hours. I think animals are so much closer to Nature and being a part of this planet then humans are. Beauty of certain species mesmerizes me entirely. Horses or big cats are so wonderfully gracious and strong, but at the same time it seems they possess certain humility as though they know their place in nature and don’t demand any other.  I think humans can learn that from animals.

When I see a lion or a horse my hands just reach for the pencil or a brush. I’m deeply inspired to portray and capture my love and admiration for wild life in my animal painting.

Featured animal painting

animal painting lion painting, original art, dramatic colors by Canadian artist Nadia Gurkova
The king, oil on canvas, 11*14 inch, available, framed

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Nadia Gurkova is a talented full-time artist from Toronto. She lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“I have always  been drawn to art, but my family believed that artist is not a proper profession and I didn’t even dream of becoming one. Finally in 2006 I mastered up some courage and singed up for an adult oil painting class. This changed my life…” read more…