Flower painting gallery updated

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2017 began with inspiration and a lot of studio time. I have been painting a lot this year! There are at least 20 new paintings in my studio that haven’t seen the world yet. I say “at least”, because believe it or not, I don’t count them any more. Unfortunately, “computer time” was compromised. Of course, something has to be and I don’t feel bad about it at all. I feel great about all the painting I have done. You can imagine what is summer like for someone who likes to paint nature, overwhelmingly inspiring. Now that we move into the fall, I begin to photograph and upload my work here and to my online stores. It will take me a while, but you can see a few new works in the “Flower painting gallery” page here.

This is my latest stillife with apples, sunflowers and watermelon – all my favourite things about summer. From carefully picking apples at a local farm, to finding unexpected sunflower in my own backyard, to catching first sun rays in the morning on my kitchen window – this was one inspired piece of art!

Summer story, 24*20 inch, oil on canvas, 2017, available.

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