First Plein air – great painting outside experience!

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It took me 6 years to do it though ­čÖé I was terrified! But I’m a big fan of French impressionists (and they invented “plein air”) so I had to di it! Here is a little glimpse:

Before Claude Monet artists were painting in their studios, but I guess that guy saw the summer outside┬á– all sunny and warm –┬áand while he had work to do, he decided to fudge the┬ásmelly studio, get out there and do his work in the garden. Here is his garden:


so you know why ­čÖé

Slowly it developed into a trend, fashion and just a way to make art. A lot of artists like to emphasise that they paint┬á“plein air”.

It involves quite a bit oh headache though – to find a beautiful spot, drag all the materials out there, set up… what if it rains… where┬áI can wash my hands… . but even if you take care of all the technicalities, there is whole bunch of painting challenges┬átoo- composition (you gotta squeeze all the beauty into small canvas!┬áI mean, how am┬áI suppose to do it?!!), colours that are changing if light changes (say if there is a cloud). So, it was overwhelming. But!

When┬áI saw my friend Kim’s garden on a sunny afternoon, I knew I have to be there with my easel! Oh, what┬áa wonderful place! I will take a proper camera next time and show you, just believe me for now. So┬áI thought I will just relax, look at all the beauty and if I end up with a painting – great, if not – it will be my outdoor time. I think it’s the best way to do a “plein air”!

And so┬áI did it! No instructor, no friend-artists, just me and the garden… had a wonderful time and surprisingly enough the painting came out quite nice. Here, see for yourself:


Peonies are about to blossom and that means I WILL BE BACK!