Daily drawing – How I develop good habits and make more art

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How did it start.

I’m an artist. I love to paint. The thing is to be a truly good painter you need drawing skills. And those are like muscles – if you don’t train them, you loose them. Period. I wanted to draw better for a while now. I made 3 resolutions to draw daily and the longest I lasted was 20 days… not long enough to become awesome. That is when I decided to make it a public challenge. I announced my plan to draw daily and made it interesting for my friends to watch me – if I skip a day and you catch me (of not posting a drawing of Facebook), you get a free drawing. The thing is – I hate to loose to other people. Don’t you? I’m so happy if you don’t care about that, but I do and I decided to use it to my advantage!

This was the first drawing of this challenge:

still life drawing bananas

Developing a habit.

Developing a good habit is painful. There are always tons of reasons and excuses not to do it, to skip a day, because you are already so busy and working so hard… Yes, yes, that’s why a little extra motivation provided by public is required (thank you all who is watching me!!!). For the first 30 days together with my drawing I have been posting complaints of how hard it was that day to make time to draw. Now I’m on day 51!  It’s still hard to find time, but I have given up on complaining, I just do it! Like Nike. Not only my mind got used to the idea, but it’s actually easier and faster to make a drawing and they look better. Of course, after 50 tries, they better be good! That makes me feel good about myself!

I proud of this one and you can win it if you catch me skip a day!

tiger drawing pencil paper art

Becoming more creative.

I started drawing fruit and vegetables from my fridge, but that got boring really fast. Then animals, horses, cats – familiar subjects. Later moved on to unfamiliar subjects – elephants, butterflies.. Some days I feel sick of everything I drew before, that day I make pen ornament drawing. I draw things I wouldn’t even consider drawing before. I broadened my choice of mediums – pencils, pens, pastels… who know what else is to come! Most importantly I feel more professional being able to handle all the different mediums as an artist.

pen drawing flowers

Getting priceless feedback on my work!

This one is a really exciting one. I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t want to post a drawing because I though it’s no good and then got such amazing feedback on it! This cat wouldn’t get posted if it wasn’t for the challenge.  it really makes me look at my art differently and get to know what YOU like! If you want to keep and eye on my challenge like my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NadiaGurkovaArt  

black cat drawing pastels painting toronto

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