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Upcoming workshop dates

Saturday, February 27 – FULL

Sunday, March 6, 1-5 pm


*If you have a group of three you can set up your own date! Just email me

*If you would like to come, but these dates don’t work for you, email me and let me know, what would work, I will try to accommodate, if possible.


Why do I teach workshops?

I believe every person is creative and needs to express it, give it a try at least once in a lifetime.

I believe painting isn’t a privilege of a talented few. It is a tool to enjoy yourself available for all. Yes, all! Even you are not an Olympic figure skater, you can still put on a pair of skates, circle around the ring and have fun! Same with painting.

I help people who cannot draw a stick figure to paint paintings. It means re-discovering your inner creativity, freeing yourself by expressing feelings and emotions through painting, building confidence, but most importantly – enjoying yourself!


Is it for you?

It is for you if even one of the following is true:

  • You like art
  • At least once you thought it would be fun to try painting
  • You looked at art and thought “if only I could do that!”
  • You have taken classes before, but was discouraged for whatever reason
  • You want to learn grounding activity to escape outside craziness and relax

It is not for you if:

  • You are professional artist
  • Painting or art doesn’t excite you at all



There are two formats that I currently use:

  • Follow-the-demo format. You let me know what you want to paint (trees, water landscape, flowers etc.) I chose a suitable painting (will show it to you in advance and offer options). I demonstrate it step by step and you repeat after me. It’s kind of like “Paint nights”, but with 3 people in the class instead of 35. That allows me to come around and still give individual instructions even though I have my painting going as well.
  • Free format. Each student selects their own image and everybody in the class paints different paintings. I give individual instructions and guide you step-by-step. It is a bit more challenging and will work for people who are brave or have taken 2-3 classes with me previously. Most workshops run in this format.

There is more information about the format in this blog post.



$55/person per class or $150 for three classes. All materials are included except canvas. Cash, check or credit card.



Akin collective studios, 87 Wade Avenue, unit 101. Toronto. 3 minutes from Lansdowne subway station. You have to call/text me when you arrive, because the door is locked.



16*20 or 18*24 inches. Canvas must me stretched (not in a roll). You can buy it in any art store. I buy my canvas at “De Serries”, their brand “Barcelona” is relatively inexpensive and of a consistent quality. We have had a number of unpleasant experiences with canvases from “Michael’s” so I don’t recommend it.

I will provide all other materials you need.



I have created a Pinterest board, where I pin beginner level painting images. Look thru it, choose one or two you like, print them and bring them to a class. If you have no access to colour printer, send images to me ahead of time and I will print them for you. It’s best to choose from this board. However, if you have something in mind you want to paint, run it by me to make sure the level of difficulty is suitable. I also have 20-30 printed images in the studio to choose from, so if you don’t really care what to paint, just come and decide on the spot.

Also either bring an apron or wear something you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. It’s a messy affair. You can get oil painting off your clothes, if you wash it within 4-8 hours, but who wants to take chances?


Student work gallery

These beauties were done by people just like yourself with no (or almost no) art background during my workshops