Landscape painting – Canadian, international, imaginary

Within each of us I believe there is a special place of peace and happiness. What would happen if we shared these places with each other? Could they fashion a shield to protect us from invasive stresses of today’s life?

In my landscape series I depict serene and tranquil scenes to prompt a conversation about the importance of establishing practices to deal with stressful situations in our daily lives. Behind each painting is a story, either mine or one shared with me, intended to spark the conversation and inspire others to reflect on this subject matter.

What does your peaceful landscape look like? Are there paintings around you that inspire or calm your mind and soul? If you had absolutely no limits, what would your world look like? Let’s imagine it together. When I’m thinking of a landscape painting I want it to reflect my mood, emotion and my best skills.

Featured landscape

Beyond, Oil on canvas, 30*40 inch, available

This is one of my new and most beautiful landscapes to date. There is a 3 minute video, capturing the process of this piece being created on my Facebook page