Flower painting inspired by Canadian gardens

In my flower painting series I admire the fleeting beauty of a flower. I work to highlighting this beauty though enhancing colour and composition, while emphasizing its gentle nature through soft lines and translucent colour gradients.

In the summer it is a challenge for me to walk home from the subway. I constantly stop and look at gardens. Often I have my camera and take pictures, sometimes I sit there with my easel and paint, other times I buy flowers, put them in a vase and paint! Either way I end up with a brush, unable to resist the wonder that is flower. Flower paintings for me are embodiment of summer joy!

In my flower painting series I want to celebrate the beauty itself . Sometimes I plan them, but most of the time my flower paintings are spontaneous impressions of Canadian summer.

Featured flower painting

Summer story, 24*20 inch, oil on canvas, 2017, available.

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Commission flower paintings are now available. They can be painted from a photo or, if you live in Toronto, I can come to your garden and paint! That is a wonderful way to experience and witness art! Read more about commissioning a painting here. Read reviews of my clients here. And, of course, follow me on Facebook!

Nadia Gurkova is a talented full-time artist from Toronto. She lives and works in East York.

“I was drawn towards art as long as I can remember, but started perusing that passion after earning my Bachelor of Public Relations. Since then, I have attended several art schools, including: Academy of Art Canada (Toronto), Adult Art Program at Central Technical School (Toronto), Nik Balushev Art Studio (Russia). To this day, I continue to improve my skills by taking private workshops, online classes, and experimenting in my Toronto based studio” – says Gurkova.