I always wanted to try painting, but never thought I can actually do it. I was convinced I had no artistic abilities and hesitant to try making art. I was proven wrong when I was accidently dragged into a painting class by a friend of mine. I have never stopped painting and learning art since.

I have attended to a variety of public and private art schools such as Academy of Art Canada (Toronto), Adult art program at Central Technical School (Toronto), Nik Balushev Art studio (Russia), Trushnikova Art School (Russia). I still continue to learn and take private workshops, online classes, and experimenting in my Toronto based studio.

My style and technique are continuously evolving and are influenced by almost everything around me. My biggest inspirations are impressionism, romantism and Canadian Group of Seven. Although I explore a wide variety of subjects, landscapes and florals are dominant right now.

I started teaching private beginner painting workshops in October 2014 and it has quickly grown into two locations: my studio and Graven Feather gallery on Queen Street. My goal is to inspire others to create, believe in themselves and experience the power of art.