Through my art I want to offer a positive encouragement for people to become better, to see beauty around them, to enhance and amplify that beauty through their thoughts, conversations and action.

Most of my work is inspired by Nature. I explore different aspects of it, our relationship with it, how we influence each other. For example, in my floral series I admire the beauty of the flower, highlighting it though enhancing colour and composition, emphasising its gentle nature through soft lines and translucent colour gradients. I preserve the impression and memory of a flower that is fresh and blooming only for a short time.

In the latest landscape series “My peace” I depict serene and tranquil sceneries to encourage a conversation about the importance of peace establishing practices and dealing with stress. Figures are often present in the painting to help viewer identify with them mentally placing themselves in a peaceful scenario. Each painting of this series has a story behind it, either mine or that of a community member shared with me in the attempt to spark a conversation and inspire others to reflect on the subject matter.